When school life comes to the end

commencement (photo from Bianche Lin)

May and June are the graduation months. I enjoy going to friends’ commencements and sharing their happiest moment in life. Last Sunday, I attended my best friend’s commencement. Stacie is one of my best girlfriends. She is a hard-working student. She earned her bachelor degree from UC Berkeley, and just graduated with a master degree from Loyola Law School. I feel so happy for her. She has gone through all the hard times and stresses, and now she is finally a lawyer.  Continue reading

A hidden restaurant in Los Angeles

inside of the restaurant (photo from yelp.com)

I want to share this hidden restaurant with you all today. The reason that I said it is “hidden” is because there is no significant sign outside of the restaurant to catch people’s attention. This restaurant is named “Animal”. My friends told me about this place a long time ago, but I didn’t get the chance to try it out.

My brother flied to LA over the weekend from San Jose. I planned a “food-coma weekend” for him. My brother used to live in LA when he was in college, but he left to San Jose for work after he graduated from UCLA five years ago. He is not a major food lover like me, so I planned to take him around to try out some special restaurants. One of my girlfriends told me about her “Animal” experience and how it is a very special place a while ago, I decided to take my brother here on Saturday. It took us a while to look for this hidden restaurant. We made a reservation ahead because we don’t want to wait to be seated. The restaurant was crowded and tables are pretty close to each other. It is a nice place to Continue reading

Reliving my childhood memory in Class 302

the sign of the restaurant (photo from yelp.com)

Growing up in Los Angeles since 14 years old was such a big influence in my life. I have changed a lot physically and mentally. It is my own decision to leave my parents and study abroad.

I remembered my freshman year was in a boarding school, Southwestern Academy(SWA), in San Marino. It was a tough year, eating dorm food and meeting different nationalities students were big challenges. Everyone speaks a different language and has a different background. SWA didn’t provide different national food for students. SWA serves Mexican food most of the time. It was very special and interesting to try out different kinds of Mexican food. It was my first time eating tacos, burritos and quesadilla. It was all new to me. The funny thing was I got addicted to the hot sauce: Tapatia Mexican hot sauce. I switched to Alverno High School in Sierra Madre in my Sophomore year. I stayed in my uncle’s house. I got the chance to know more about LA. My cousins took me around to eat Chinese food because I miss it so much. I miss my home country food and I always want to go home to see my parents and friends in Hong Kong. This place is one of my favorite restaurants Continue reading

Brunch on a sunny day

photo from yelp.com

Going to brunch is one of my favorite things to do on the weekend. I love going to different restaurants to try out different brunches with my girlfriends on every Saturday or Sunday. I love brunch because it is so relaxing to get up late, dress casually, and hang out with my favorite people. In Hong Kong, there isn’t a lot of brunch restaurants. People usually go “yum cha” (traditional Chinese style morning or afternoon tea with dim sum dishes). Dim sum dishes have a variety of choices. Most of the dim sum dishes are steamed, such as steamed beef ball, steamed meat bun, steamed chicken leg,etc. I personally love brunches a lot more than dim sum dishes. Continue reading

Authentic Japanese Cuisine at Toros

photo from yelp.com

いただきます”Itadakimasu” is japanese, meaning saying grace to give thanks before a meal. It is always polite to say “Itadakimasu” before eating. I will bring you to experience a great Japanese cuisine that I tried over the weekend.

If you are craving for sushi and sashimi, here is the place you should visit: “Toros Japanese Fusion Seafood”. I am sure it can fill up your hungry tummy! I was literally in “Heaven”. Toros has the best sushi and sashimi in LA! The restaurant isn’t too big, the sushi bar can fit up to ten people. They have about 13 tables at the restaurant. Sushi bar serves better food. My friend told me that table serves a lower quality food because Continue reading

Hi everyone!

the view in Hong Kong (photo by Bianche Lin)

I would like to start off the blog by introducing myself. I am an international student from Hong Kong, currently studying my Bachelor degree in Public Relations. I am a major food lover and photographers. Food takes a big part of my life and taking pictures of delicious food makes me happy. I enjoy yelping, reading reviews and going to different restaurants with friends to try out new food! My all time favorite cuisine is japanese food. Sushi and sashimi are my favorites!